Satisfied Clients

Christopher Jones
August 14, 2022

Teri Webster is the ministering angel of decluttering. Working with her, everything felt almost magically easier to get going and keep going. She's very hands on and easy to work with. I felt like her recommendations were really suited for me personally, not some generic advice, and it always felt like there was a fit. That made the work go fast as well. Can't recommend her highly enough, try her out.

Teri Stinnett-Herczeg
June 2022

Teri did a phenomenal job assisting me with decluttering a room that had a lot of sentimental value to me but I no longer needed most of the stuff. It was very helpful to have a third-party disinterested person assisting me in the process. I can’t recommend her enough, and would definitely use her a again.  

Chris Dagamer250
June 2022

Wonderful person to work with! Did a fabulous job packing up our kitchen and decluttering at the same time! All our kitchen items were moved safely and nothing broke in the process. Highly recommend if anybody needs help with moving and decluttering.

Jerry Olmes

Teri Webster was the catalyst who finally enabled me to move beyond zero progress in decluttering. Being enabled to do so, for me, was absolutely essential in deciding what to destroy, donate or keep. It feels so good, now, to look upon cleared rooms (something I've always wanted).

Maury & Deb
3 weeks ago

Teri Webster was an absolute delight to work with, and got all of our items sold in less than a week! Being retired seniors who covet our privacy and freedom from social media, Teri’s business model was a no-brainer for us. The investment in not having to do all of the ‘back and forth’ with people we didn’t know including researching an item’s value, setting up appointments, prices, photos, etc., was well worth having someone do it for us. We highly recommend Teri for anyone who values their privacy, time and respect for being educated in their field of expertise including membership in a professional organization. We plan to keep Teri in our ‘back pocket’ for future household organization, estate downsizing and moving. We felt blessed to have found the calm demeanor and caring attentiveness to detail that Teri contributes to her trade in our community.

Heather Edgren
a year ago

Teri is amazing. After my husband had a catastrophic accident 2500 miles from home, I was left with packing up and selling our home of 22 years. Teri’s sensitive approach got me through the process of sorting what to sell, what to donate, and what to let go. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you, Teri!

Lisa Taylor
7 months ago

Teri is amazing! She helped me declutter and prepare for a move by working through boxes of things that haven't been opened in more than five years. Teri is organized and highly efficient in helping to sort through what is needed and that which can be tossed or donated. What we got done in a few hours would have taken me weeks to accomplish. I am so grateful!

J. A. Fergusson
a year ago

Teri helped us de-clutter and down size from 4,000 sf to 2,000 sf. We appreciated very much that she removed and delivered all the items we wanted to donate on a daily basis and she was very helpful in selling on-line those items we wanted to sell. We would use her again. She was vey knowledgeable on the value of the items we wanted to sell.

Laurie Kari
2 years ago

Terri is very sensible. Life-saving during the decisions and work sorting, packing, emptying of the house and garage for our move. We’d been in this home for 30 years! We even survived the crawl space! Thank you, Teri!

Kathy Curtis-Johnson
a year ago

Terri helped me conceptualize the tasks ahead of me for moving out of state. My family had lived in the same house for 25 years and there was lots to do in a short time frame, I was working full time and it was just me doing the work. With her guidance I made a list of things which needed doing then we split the list into what she could do versus me. I was especially concerned about some antique chairs that I wasn’t taking and which no longer had a market value close to what I paid for them so long ago. She used her contacts which allowed me to donate them to my favorite charity. I certainly didn’t have time to make that happen. She’s very responsive to calls and checked in with me if she hadn’t heard from me in a week or so. I highly recommend her help in moving.

lynn miller
a year ago

Terri was wonderful!! It is always hard to go through a deceased family member's belong, it is particularly difficult when it was a tragic death. Terri was able to provide assurance that everything of importance or emotional significance would be found. It was a relief to have her clear eyes do the sorting for us!! I highly recommend her.

N.K. Anderson
2 years ago

I would like everyone to know that when Teri helps you, things get done. Teri is amazing, the packing and when she starts to sells it doesn’t take long and things start moving out. I recommend Teri, wow her packing and labeling are fast and good things happen, when you open a box everything is in there just like the label said.Let Teri do it!

Howie Hilliker
a year ago

I was stuck going through my Mom’s belongings. Teri was recommended to me and boy am I glad she was. She looked at the house and agreed to take the project on. A week later, the house is empty and awaiting the new owners. I recommend her highly.

Wendy Doran
May 15, 2021

Teri was extremely efficient and professional. I had very little time to pack and get organized and she was a huge help. She has a positive, “can-do” attitude and is a good listener. She packed my boxes very well and nothing broke. She is reliable, responsible and ethical. I would highly recommend her company to anyone! Moving was so much easier and less stressful for me because of Declutter to Move. I’m hoping to stay organized and clutter free in my new home and I believe that I can after working with Declutter to Move. What a wonderful experience this was! 5 stars.

Martha Dunn
April 22, 2020

Teri manages to get a lot of people looking at what she sells.  She also helped me price my items correctly, which brought in more than I could have gotten on my own (and more than covered her commission).  She also screens potential buyers: very welcome for a single person. I would  highly recommend getting her assistance when you are getting ready to move.

Arlene Hlad Briscoe
December 16, 2019

Teri is absolutely awesome! She is efficient, organized, and incredibly helpful! What we got done in a few hours would have taken me weeks! No judgement, lots of praise...exactly what I need at this very stressful time!

Deb Kar
May 27, 2019

Moving is stressful! I needed help organizing and decluttering for a move out-of-state. Teri to the rescue! Teri's help was invaluable. She advertised multiple items for sale on various web sites with great success. She helped me make money where I would have lost it. Organizing is a passion for Teri. I highly recommend her if you have items you need to sell, you are planning a move and need help packing, or you just need some help getting some organization in your home.

Phyllis Merrill
August 7, 2019

Was very helpful in getting my house and garage organized. She then posted my items I wanted to sell on the computer, took care of the calls and scheduled them for them to buy. All was sold and we both had a good profit. Very pleased!!

Melodee B Parker
Oct 2021

Teri is a hard worker that has amazing clarity, laser focused in organization and sorting, patient and encouraging e.g. “Do you really want this?” with a smile then will do whatever YOU want with your stuff but, has a discerning eye on what NEEDS to be done. What this woman accomplishes in one day would have taken me a month. She helped me in downsizing, packing to move and deciding. Teri is flexible, responsive to client’s needs, patient & GETS THINGS DONE! She is experienced in resale due to her diligent research. I simply could not have done it without her! She is worth every invoice!

Nov 2, 2020

Teri was a lifesaver. I surely would have lost my mind without her services and support. She helped me to sell ALL of my furniture, and pack and organize my boxes before my move to the lower 48. I had a very expensive 10 place setting set of bone china dishes that made it from Alaska to Florida with not a single scratch (thanks Teri!). She communicated with me in a timely manner, was always professional and knowledgeable regarding what could sell and for how much in the current market. I only wish that she were here in Florida to help me unpack and and organize! If I could give Terri more stars I would! EXCELLENT and trustworthy. 

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